Give your staff freedom

Work anywhere there is internet

Office 365 solutions for businesses in Poole and Bournemouth

A secure solution

Platforms that enable employees work easily from outside the office.

With an growing push for employers to be more flexible, the ability to work from home is increasingly requested by employees.

Working from home does present some new challenges to business, such as security concerns over data, through to how well staff can work and communicate with each other outside the office.

We offer a range of solutions to allow your staff to work and communicate from home, securely and effectively.

From services such as VPN's which allow computers outside of the office to join the office network and work as though they were in the same building, through to tools like Office 365 which make data sharing and communication a brease.

Contact us today to discuss your remote working requirements and we can help develop and install a solution that is right for your business and employees.



Securely, connect your computer to the office network and access all the resources available on premises no matter where you are.

Office 365

Get access to a suite of tools that makes document sharing, management and collaboration as simple as can be.


Move your phone number into a VoIP system and be able to take calls no matter where you are.


A tool that allows staff to chat and conference amongst each other by instant message, voice or video.