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Why use the cloud?

A smarter way to deliver better IT services.

Cloud computing offers many advantages over traditional onsite IT solutions such as lower upfront costs, the ability to scale up services quickly as they become required and keeping you connected to your IT services no matter where you are.

Many different IT services that traditionally lived on site can now be put into the cloud, from email services, databases, data storage through to your core infrastructure such as active directory and backup.

Our cloud services are billed in monthly instalments which helps you reduce significant investments in new hardware and software every couple of years, making the cloud a more cashflow friendly alternative.

We take the time to understand your businesses requirements and goals to determine which, if any, of your IT services are best suited to being in the cloud.

The advantages of cloud

Scalable Cloud IT Solutions

Scalable Technology

Cloud solutions allow you to increase or decrease how much of the service you are using as and when the demand dictates. This means you only pay for what you need when you need it and have the added benefit of being able to increase resources at the click of a button rather than needing to buy new hardware.

Stay Connected

Cloud solutions allows your workforce to become more mobile and agile. Data and applications stored in the cloud mean they can access what they need for day-to-day working from anywhere with an internet connection available, on any device. This allows your staff to be able to get things done anywhere, anytime.

Reduce downtime

Cloud solutions can help reduce downtime which in turn saves your business money. Cloud providers often have very large datacentres with redundancy and automatic failover built in meaning should a hardware failure occur; your instance will automatically move to another server so you can continue working.

Reduce costs

Cloud solutions have many cost advantages over traditional onsite solutions. A lower cost of entry means you can make use of advance technologies at an affordable price. Complicated and expensive software licensing is eliminated. Maintenance and installation costs are also often reduced when using the cloud.