Safeguard your data

Let us plan and setup an effective backup system for your businesses data

Three copies of your data

Three Copies

We believe at the bare minimum every business should have at least three copies of their data, not including the original copy.

Two different types of backup media

Two Media

The backup copies of data should be stored on 2 different mediums at a minimum to prevent data loss in the event of a medium failing.

One offsite backup

One Offsite

At least one copy of data should be kept offsite to protect against catastrophic failure or the unlikely event of a natural disasters or fire.

Protect your business data with a multi-tier backup solution

Building backup that's right for you

Ensuring all your businesses data is protected.

Backups are like an insurance policy for your business. With so many parts of a modern business supported by computers, a loss of data can cause serious problems and could even result in the business having to shut down.

A good set of backups enable you to completely rebuild your network in case of disaster or data loss. Without backups, important data such as financial records, product information, payroll data, mailing lists and business plans could be lost forever.

Data loss can occur for many reasons, from hardware failure, human error through to malware and viruses. Regardless of how the data is lost the result is the same.

To start planning an effective backup strategy that ensures all your business’ data is fully protected, contact us today.