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Mobile data deals for businesses throughout Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset

Get online.

Wherever you are, whatever your device.

Staying connected has never been more important, and sometimes your phone just isn't a good enough solution. Our mobile data solutions allow you to get any device online so you can work on the devices you love wherever you are.

Our mobile data solutions use a data SIM and a MiFi hub or a USB dongle to get you online.

A MiFi hub allows you to connect phones, tablets, laptops and much more to the dongle, giving you access to a high speed 4G network. A USB dongle is a cheaper option that allows you to connect your laptop wherever you are.

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Keeping your devices connected

Huawei MiFi device

Huawei E5577 4G MiFi

Practical, portable and Powerful: Travel the world with Huawei's super-fast 4G Mobile Wi-Fi. A pocket-sized solution to low-cost travel Wi-Fi.