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IT Solutions

Technology is constantly improving, lowering costs, and letting new companies drive out the established.

Unless you keep up, you know you're going to be pushed out, but the huge amount of options and tech jargon is overwhelming.

We're here to help!

We find it!
We discover and access the options available to you, how they would improve your business, and what's the most cost effective way to achive them.

We implement it!
Seemlessly integrating the new technology into your day, improving your productivity without the un-ending frustration of a new system.

We support it!
Our onsite and remote support options give you piece of mind that any problems you have are just a phone call away from being fixed.

Southern Logic Solutions

Transport Ticket System

Your customers want more information, more control and more access to your bus service than ever. We help you adapt to this need. Our transport system allows your clients and passengers to see more information about their usage, allowing for smarter billing, invoicing and better customer service.

EPOS System

Never has retail been a more competitive market. Now is the time where a smart till system can mean the difference between fabulous profit, and dismal performance. Our EPOS offers a whole host of additional features that give you and edge and not only help you keep track of your sales with ease but also increase them!

Digital Signage

Using traditional paper marketing materials is slow, expensive and dull. Southern Logic's digital signage grabs your attention with dynamic content that changes at the click of a button. We make deploying a new marketing campaign fast, easy and effective.

Aerial Photography

There's nothing like seeing a problem in a new way. Our digital aerial photography and video can entice clients in with an entirely new perspective on your offerings. Our videos add a dramatic touch to your public facing media, ensuring you stand out from your competition.