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VOIP Phone Systems

What is VOIP?

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the ability to make phone calls over the internet rather than traditional phone lines. You're still able to call any number whether it’s a landline, mobile or another VOIP number but you get a whole host of benefits that traditional lines don’t have.

Higher call quality, simultaneous phone calls from the same line and lower costs are just some of the benefits!

Using VOIP for your calls can reduce your telephone bill by up to 90%! Some of the major carriers have the most expensive tariffs out there, and we can help get you off them and reducing costs!

The greatest savings can be made on international calls, due to this it is often deployed to companies that communicate globally frequently for the cost saving aspect alone.

You may associate lower cost with lower quality but it is the opposite with VOIP. Gone are the days of shouting your too quiet as the line crackles and fuzzes.

With VOIP calls are clear, crisp and audible! A clear call is not only nicer for you, it provides the person you are calling with a much more positive image of your brand.

VOIP telephones also allow you to have multiple calls at the same time. This means one phone number can support multiple calls in and out.

Not only this but a VOIP number can be used anywhere in the world meaning if your business moves your number can too, with no hassle.

Voice over IP is becoming the norm. Customers are turning away from companies that they can't understand on the phone, and companies are eager to move from expensive and inefficient carriers.

Embrace a new world of better features, cheaper calls and better voice quality.

VoIP introduces your phone system to a whole host of new features. Video calling and conferencing and automatic menus that direct your calls to the right department are some of the more popular features.

These features open up a whole new range of opportunities for your business.