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With an increasing push for flexible working and the need to work outside of your office space, IT cloud solutions have never been more relevant. Many organisations large and small are moving away from having inhouse servers and instead using cloud based computing services meaning all they need to physically own is a PC, Laptop, Phone or tablet for access and an internet connection.

Office 365

Office 365 is quickly becoming the go to solution for many businesses. Not only do you get the classic office programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook but you get the ability to access your documents from anywhere meaning you pick where you work.

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Cloud Backup

Your data is crucial to the success of your business and having backups is critical. With ransomware more prevalent than ever the risk of not having backups could be disastrous. Our cloud back solutions ensures there is always a safe copy of your data!

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Mobile SIM Plans

With ever more powerful mobile phones, it's never been easier to take you work with you wherever you are. With Southern Logic Mobile Deals not only do you get a great exclusive tariff but you also get access to our great support!

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Data SIM Plans

With a Mi-Fi device, you can connect to the internet from anywhere. As well as supplying the Mi-Fi device we also supply data SIM cards that offer a huge amount of data for a low price! You’ll never have to worry about finding an open Wi-Fi point again.

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